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About fostering in Wokingham

About us

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There are children and young people in our community who cannot live within their birth family for a range of reasons. Our children need high quality care, sometimes for a short period of time, sometimes until they are 21.


We are keen to hear from you if you can provide such care. There are different types of fostering to suit everyone. Visit the types of fostering our webpage to find out more

We provide support and training to help you while you are fostering

Come to one of our events to find out more.


Some children within our community can no longer live within their birth family. These children need an adoptive family - a 'forever family,' who legally become their parent. We have a role in identifying who could become such a forever family. For more information about adoption visit the Adopt Thames Valley website.

 Quote start I'm so happy that I am adopted because I got to choose my mummy and she got to choose me.

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