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Financial support for fostering in Wokingham

Financial support

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What we can offer you

  • Excellent training including a specialist 'therapeutic parenting' programme
  • One to one and out of hours support
  • Local support groups and family activities


Council tax exemption - new for 2018     

A new scheme has been implemented meaning our foster carers no longer have to pay council tax as part of a range of benefits and incentives. This new additional financial assistance is being offered to thank and support our amazing foster carers.


Generous and competitive allowances

Fees increase with experience often resulting in the equivalent of a reasonable salary which could provide the opportunity for a complete change of career.

Fees are paid per week for each child placed with you. Levels are based on experience:

  • Level 1: £140
  • Level 2 : £245
  • Level 3 : £322

For example, an experienced foster carer at Level 2 who cares for 2 children all year can earn over £25,000 per year (NB Foster carers can look after a maximum of 3 children).


You will also get:

  • Additional generous allowances for child’s living costs 
  • Additional amounts for summer activities, Birthday and Christmas costs
  • Annual bonus of up to two weeks' fee
  • Assistance with setting up costs



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Contact us

0118 974 6204 fostering@wokingham.gov.uk