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Fun in the sun at the fostering BBQ in Wellington Country Park

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Our foster carers, children and staff all enjoyed a lovely day out at our BBQ in Wellington Country Park in July.  With beautiful weather and the BBQ area all to ourselves, we made the most of the time together and the fun filled activities round the park.


We urgently need more foster carers so why not find out how you could join our fostering family and come along with us next year! Interested? We’d love to hear from you so why not call us on 0118 974 6204, email fostering@wokingham.gov.uk or come along to a drop-in information event. 

Foster Care Transforms Lives

Foster carers are as different as the children they look after. They come from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or culture.

What matters most is that you are the right family for the child. As long as you have a spare bedroom and are over 21 with some life experience, you can apply to be a foster carer.         

Although most people know fostering transforms the lives of children in care, many don’t realise just how much joy it brings to the lives of foster carers as well.

Foster carer, Evelyn, says fostering has transformed her life: “Fostering children and young people has given me greater understanding and insight into the plight of children in care and has made me a more empathic and compassionate person.

“I get enormous satisfaction from seeing the children I look after succeed, knowing I’ve played a considerable part in their lives.”

Fellow foster carer, Sean, agrees: “I enjoy being part of a team of people providing care to children and young people knowing I can get support both from my colleagues as well as others in similar circumstances, ensuring the children we all look after are kept safe and secure."

The process to join us can be a lot quicker than you might think, and you could be helping to create a positive future for a child or young person.

If you could make a difference to a local child or young person, please call Jackie or Alison on 0118 974 6204, or email  fostering@wokingham.gov.uk . Alternatively, read our  fostering page or see our Facebook page.

 Quote start Sometimes, all you need is an adult who actually understands you, will back you up when you are right, and tell you when you are wrong.