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Types of adoption in Wokingham

Types of adoption

Adoption is a legal way of becoming a forever family for a child who cannot be cared for within their birth family.  An adoption order makes the child a full member of the new family and once granted cannot be reversed. 

A child has been assessed to be unable to live with their immediate or extended family network. The local authority  have a duty to find a forever family for this child. The local authority will seek to 'match' a family who have applied to become and have been assessed and approved as potential and a child in our care. 

Read our guide to agency adoptions (PDF document) for more information 

Local authorities are responsible for

  • Preparing, assessing and approving potential adoptive parents
  • Providing counselling and support to adoptive parents and their family members
  • Providing support services to adopted children and their adoptive family
  • Providing support to adults who were adopted and who seeking access to their adoption records and / or looking to make contact with their birth families

For more information see our

  • Statement of purpose (PDF document)


This is often known as a non agency adoption, and usually involves children who are not in the care of a local authority and can include

  • Step parent adoption
  • Adoption by relatives
  • Inter country or overseas adoption

For detailed information about the different types of non agency adoption, read our guide to 

  • Non agency adoptions (PDF document)

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  • Both locally and nationally the greatest need is to recruit adopters to children aged under 8 years      
  • Around 3 quarters of the children placed for adoption are of pre school age  
  • Around half of them are under 2 when their plan is agreed 
  • The younger children who are available for adoption will almost always have been exposed to drugs or alcohol in-utero which may have long term developmental implications 

The children available for adoption reflect the ethnicity, cultural and religious backgrounds of the populations from which they originate.


When placing children in care for adoption local authorities will try firstly to identify appropriate adopters for each child who reflect the child's culture and religious heritage and who speak the child's first language.


Placing authorities are mindful of the damage that can be done that can be caused to children by a prolonged delay in achieving a permanent placement and children will generally not be kept waiting in order to achieve an exact match where a family can be identified who is able to meet most if not all the child's identified placement needs.

 Quote start I have a really nice mummy and she looks after me a lot and loves me more than anything in the whole world.

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