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How to adopt in Wokingham

How to adopt

All prospective adopters must meet three basic criteria to be considered to adopt

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age
  • At least one applicant if a couple or the sole applicant must be domiciled in the British Isles or both of the couple or the single applicant must have been habitually resident in the British Isles for at least one year
  • No applicant, nor any member of their household, can have been convicted or cautioned in respect of a specified offence.
  • With or without children
  • Be straight or gay
  • Single or a couple
  • In work or not in work
  • Own your own home or rent

We are keen to attract a wide range of prospective adopters and welcome expressions of interest from all interested parties.

While we are not always able to accept applications we will give careful consideration to the qualities and experiences being offered by all of the potential adoptive applicants who contacts us.

Children are not all the same and nor are good adopters.

Call us at Adopt Thames Valley on 01865 897050, complete our enquiry form or attend one of our information events. 

  • We will ask you a few questions about your circumstances, including your reasons for considering adoption and whether you have a spare room
  • We will then send you an information pack and invite you to attend an adoption information event
  • If you decide to go further we will ask you complete and return the Progression Form
  • You will meet with an adoption worker to discuss their interest in adoption and their individual circumstances
  • If you decide to proceed we will ask you to complete and return a Registration of Interest Form
  • A decision will be made to accept or decline the Registration of Interest and notifies the prospective adopters in writing (within 5 working days)
  • An adoption worker will visit you and draws up the Stage One Plan
  • One Adoption Preparation Group and/or an on line learning event is undertaken and/or child-care experience gained
  • Medical, statutory checks & references are taken up 
  • Preparation and training should be completed to a satisfactory level
  • The prospective adopters formally notify the local authority that they wish to progress to Stage Two, also submitting the required range of paperwork 
  • The local authority formally confirms if it is willing for the application to progress to Stage Two 
  • You will continue to undertake personal preparation for adoption alongside the homestudy process
  • The homestudy assessment is completed. Each applicant is interviewed individually as well as a number of joint interviews being undertaken. Other household members and any children of the applicants are included in the process as appropriate
  • At least two unrelated personal referees are interviewed by the homestudy worker. Additional references are requested as required including current employers and any previous partners
  • The homestudy report is written in consultation with the applicants
  • The wording of the homestudy report is agreed with the applicants
  • A Second Opinion visit and report is completed (if required)
  • The Homestudy Report and any additional reports required are submitted to the Adoption Panel
  • The Adoption Panel considers the application to be approved to adopt and makes a recommendation as to whether the application should be approved
  • The Agency Decision Maker makes the decision as to whether the application should be approved, after considering the minutes of the Adoption Panel discussions and the Panel papers
  • You will be notified of the local Agency’s decision both verbally (within 24 hours of the decision) and in writing (within 5 working days)
   Quote start  I'm so happy that I am adopted because I got to choose my mummy and she got to choose me.

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